Thursday, January 23, 2014


Unless you have a chemical imbalance, feeling happy is relatively easy.  It only takes one thing.


Make a list if you must do more than one thing. Better yet here are 

That article written by Jeff Haden appeals to one kind of person, while my favorite blogger, Jenny Lawson writes on the subject as "The Bloggess." She delves into the subject deeper, my heartfelt, more painfully, more aware-fully, and more compassionately for the chemically imbalanced among us.  Her January 17th, 2014 post Strange and beautiful is sure to strike a chord. Plus, she comes up with her own non-scientifically proven ways to feel better in no time, and laughing, which you will do reading her post, is one of them. 

Me laughing with OJ (straight OJ)




    Excellent site for happiness insight with a "Happiness Hub."

  2. From
    #935 happenis
    You can't really say 'HAPPINESS' without sorta saying 'PENIS'

    Just plain funny.