Thursday, February 6, 2014

Truth in Blogging (and creating labels for Searchability)

The truth is I don't really know what I am doing. I thought all I had to do with a blog was to write something interesting,  informative or funny, and readers ( like you) would find me. Not true. To gain readership I have to be relate-able - meaning you know just what I mean and can relate to me.  You connect.  There's nothing more important than that! (Keep reading, we're about to get into bed together.)

I've discovered, however, that what matters as much as my blog being relate-able is for it to be searchable. This is one of the technical hard parts about blogging. My understanding is while in composition mode,  you can include up to 20 labels per blog post, with no more than 200 unique labels per entire blog, to help potential readers find your post based on their interests. On Blogger, this is done on the right sidebar where there is a picture of a tag and the word "Labels."
There are just sooo many blogs out there! Finding a relate-able one is like Speed Dating! Can you really tell in five minutes? Personally I have given up on a blog many a time.  I  know what I need from it in the first five lines.

My needs are very specific - I need to feel even just a tad bit happier for having read a post. Blogs I avoid are the X amount of Ways to Be Wildly Wealthy, the X Steps to Productivity that Wins Over Big Time, and anything that feels like work. WORK!?! 

This is a bed I once slept in.
Yes I have changed the subject. 

People post pictures of their food on the internet (guilty).  I enjoy taking pictures of hotel beds I have slept in. I was going to post a picture of a Kiwi with tooth pics inserted for horns,  on which I had drawn a devilish grimacing expression and  labeled as "Bad Fruit," but I was on my newly acquired IPad and Blogger wouldn't let me upload that picture. It did let me upload pics that magically appeared on picasaweb all by themselves. Like it or not. The point is, this bed picture was handy, and I really liked sleeping in it at the time.  Besides, "bed" is an excellent label, and now we are in bed together ; )

Be nice with comments as I was born in 1963, and grew up without all of this cool stuff.
I actually wish Facebook were around then to capture my naked diving at Corene's pool. 
I was hot. On second thought, I don't think I would want my aerials showing. 

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